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"Working with a host of organic and inorganic shapes and forms, Medinger creates marvelously idiosyncratic tableaux that explore the dynamic interaction between object, form and meaning. Like a 19th-century cabinet of scientific curiosities, Medinger's pictures of incongruous and decidedly Dadaesque juxtapositions of tools, flowers, fruits and vegetables, skeletal structures, marine and animal forms, and machine parts force a contemplation of the nature of life and mortality. Despite the dark and somewhat brooding quality of his work, there is an underlying whimsicality and humor to Medinger's approach that lightens the overall experience of his photographs."

(...) "Much of the impact of Medinger's images is attributable to his refined and accomplished photographic technique. His masterful control of lighting creates a wonderful chiaroscuro of highlight and shadow that emphasizes the dream-like quality of his still-lifes. By muting the background and highlighting his foreground, Medinger's still-life objects jump out from the print plane in bold relief."

Richard Pitnick - Senior Contributing Editor, B&W Magazine.


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